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Playing Conditions - 2021



1.1 Membership of Clubs and Players are as per the SDB&SA Constitution.
1.2 Affiliated members of the SDB&SA must be financial members of the Club by whom they are nominated as a team member.
1.3 At the District meeting each year , when teams are declared, Clubs entering more than one team will nominate the Division in which each team shall be entered and name the players in each team.

2. MATCH SECRETARY, RECORDER(S) and handicapper

2.1 The Match Secretary will be elected at the first District Meeting each year and will be responsible to the Association for the administration of Inter Club and District Championship competitions (Refer Rules 7,9,10 and 11.
2.2 The Recorder(s) for each Division will be elected at the first District Meeting and will be responsible to the Association for the maintaining of a weekly record of match results and the compiling of a points table. The Recorder(s) will investigate and report to the Association on Disputes between teams. (Refer rules 7.14 and 8.1)
2.3 The Handicap Committee will be elected at the first District Meeting each year and will be responsible to the Association for the administration and maintenance of handicaps for all divisions for the year. Handicaps are to be reviewed generally as per (Rule 15.1 & 15.2) and at the Handicap Committee's discretion.


3.1 Inter Club competition will consist of the number of Divisions decided by the Association at the February district meeting each year. There shall be a minimum of two Divisions to allow competition to commence. All competitions will commence at a date to be decided around mid March
3.2 Monday night is allocated for Div 2 competition, and Tuesday night is allocated for Div1 competition and Wednesday nights for Div 3 games.
3.3 Competition draws will take due note of public holidays etc.
3.4 If possible one free week shall be kept free at the end of Inter Club competition and the first semi – final to facilitate a play off in the case of any ties. This week can also be used for playing any unprogrammed cancellations.
3.5 All rulings relating to penalties etc within these Playing Conditions by a full sitting of a District meeting will be final with no correspondence to be entered into.


The February meeting of the Association will each year decide on the following:-
4.1 The number of teams in each Division
4.2 The number of players per team in each Division
4.3 The number of frames per game in each Division
4.4 The points scoring system in each division
4.5 The number of teams to contest the finals in each Division
4.6 The Grand Final format and date for each Division
4.7 The District Championships Competitions nominations, start times dates etc.
4.8 Any special conditions to be noted on score sheets
4.9 Player and team fees plus any other fees required plus their due dates for payment.


(Definition : A Reserve is a regular member of a team who on a given night is not listed to play 1 to 4 on the score sheet.)
5.1 Each team is permitted to include a maximum of two (2) reserve players for each match [IE a Maximum No. of players per team at any one time is six (6).
5.2 The name(s) of the reserve(s) must be entered on both team sheets prior to the commencement of play.
5.3 A reserve may be used after the first or second frame in a game of three (3) frames. (Refer to rule 5.5 for further explanation.)
5.4 Once used a reserve must complete the game. IE only 1 reserve can be used per game.
5.5 A listed player replaced by a reserve cannot play again in the match unless the three (3) frame play off rule comes into affect.
5.6 A reserve may take the place of a listed player that has not arrived in time to play. If the player arrives after the reserve has commenced play the position cannot be reversed. The listed player arriving late can take no further part in the match other than as a scorer.


(Definition : A Substitute is a member of another team called in to play when a team is unable to field 4 players)
6.1 Substitutes must be financial members of the club they represent and may only play when a team has no reserves and would otherwise be unable to field a team on the night. A registered player from another team of the same club may substitute providing the captain enters "SUB" next to the substitute on the official score card.
6.2 A registered player used as a substitute may not be listed as a reserve (Refer rule 6.1) Likewise a substitute cannot be listed as a player and a regular player listed as a reserve.
6.3 A player can only play as a substitute for three (3) matches for another team per season.
6.4 For rules regarding the calculation his/her points start, refer to section 15. HANDICAP CONDITIONS.
6.5 A Player from a 1st Division Team cannot play for a 3rd Division Team.
6.5 To transfer from one team to another the Club involved must first notify the Recorder of the intention to do so.
6.6 A player wishing to transfer from the Club with which they are registered to another during the season, must notify the SDB&SA in writing and obtain a written release from the current Club.


7.1 All matches are to commence at 6:30pm unless otherwise arranged between the two captains.The first two players on the Score Card MUST be present at 6.30pm to start the game. If not present at 6.45pm then they will forfiet their entire frames.
7.2 Where Clubs have an 11:00pm or EARLIER closing time, team Captains of such Clubs should stress the "MUST FINISH AT 11:00PM OR EARLIER" before each home fixture and do everything possible to avoid loss of time. Games that are incomplete at "Closing Time" are to be made void with no points to be awarded to either player. Any such occurrences are to be noted on the score sheets so that the Recorder can adjust the check totals for that week.
7.3 If at 7:00pm one team has not arrived and has failed to contact the home team to arrange a late start or for the match to be rescheduled, the team in attendance is entitle to claim a forfeit. Should an acceptable reason for non attendance be given within 12 hours before the scheduled start time the match at the discretion of the Association may be re-scheduled. If leaving a message at a Club, the Name of the person and the time must be recorded in case of a dispute over receipt of the message by the home club. Failure to comply will result in the team receiving the forfeit, will receive the maximum amount of points scored by a team from the same division that week. This rule does not apply if 3 players are in attendance at the required time.
7.4 A team shall comprise of a minimum number of Four (4) registered players. And a maximum of Seven (7) players (Except with Committee approval.)
7.5 Teams that forfeit without notice may be subject to disciplinary action by the Association.
7.6 Captains will enter all players and reserves names and current handicaps on the score sheets. In the event that only two (2) of the four (4) players, are in attendance before the commencement of play, then those two (2) players will be entered on the score sheet first and second. The order of entry will determine the opponents for that match.
7.7 In all Interclub Snooker Competition Matches all players will play off their statistical handicap, with points start calculated iaw section 15. HANDICAP CONDITIONS.
7.8 In all other District Competitions throughout the year players will play off their given Handicap.
7.9 The Captains shall toss a coin to decide the order of the break. The elected order of the break will apply for all games in that match. The break however will alternate between frames.
7.10 The home Captain will welcome the opposing club and announce the order of play and on which table play shall commence. Arrangements with respect to Refereeing should also be clarified prior to commencement of play.
7.11 The commencement and continuation of play shall not be delayed by lateness, or absence from the room. Games may be played in any order on the score card and on any table.
7.12 All team members should be in attendance fifteen (15) minutes prior to the scheduled start of their game. Any player not in attendance by the due time of the commencement of their game must be replaced by a reserve. If a reserve is not listed, the game and points are to be awarded to their opponent.
7.13 All games are to be played without interruption.
7.14 The Captains are responsible for the true and correct recording of all frame scores, match result and highest break of the night. At the completion of the match both Captain's must ensure both score cards are true and correct and duly signed. The names of reserves not in attendance at the end of the night are to be crossed off the sheet.
7.15 Completed score cards are to be faxed, emailed or hand delivered to the Recorder prior to 6:00pm of the day following the match. Teams failing to comply with this requirement will automatically have two (2) competition points deducted from their total score. (Refer rule 14.2)
7.16 If either Captain is dissatisfied with the recorded result he/she shall note their dissatisfaction by printing the word DISPUTE on both scorecards. The Recorder must be notified of the details of any such incident. The Recorder will investigate and report the dispute as per (Rule 2.2 and 8.1.)
7.17 In the event of a Bye no competition points are awarded.
7.18 The [Four (4) snooker rule] introduced by IB&SF will be applied to all games under the sanction of SDB&SA. IE if the following lead is held by a player upon reaching the colours the frame shall be declared:-

PiNK 32

7.19 The Foul and Miss Snooker rule as defined by the IB&SF will not apply to any frames contested in the Inter Club Snooker Competition


8.1 When a dispute is recorded (Rule 7.16) the Captains of the teams involved must attend the next District meeting. The Recorder will investigate the circumstances of the dispute and report his findings to the meeting. The District meeting will hear the Recorders report and if necessary from the two Captains. The meeting will discuss the matter and upon a proposal of a motion will resolve the matter with a majority vote. Any required changes to the points table will then be made by the Recorder.


9.1 To qualify for the final series a player must have physically played in a minimum of one third (33%) of the total matches scheduled for that Division for the entire season. This must occur prior to the finals commencing.
9.2 The top four (4) teams in each Division will contest the Final series. Unless there are 11 or more teams in that Division. In that instant the Top five (5) teams will contest the final series.
9.3 Matches are to be played at a neutral venues unless arranged otherwise (i.e. two teams from the same club involved). The host club is to provide playing conditions and officials befitting the occasion.
9.4 In the event of a tie for any final position that will affect the order of play in the finals, the higher position will go to the team having won the most matches between the two teams involved. If still tied the position will go to the team having won the most frames from those matches. If still tied the position will go to the team having won the most frames over the entire season. If the result is still tied the position will be resolved with a play-off. No Team will be eliminated from the 4th or 5th Position (depending on the No of Teams) by a count-back. If necessary a play-off for the final position will be required.
9.5 In the event of a tie in a semi-final or final the tie shall be broken with a three (3) players from each side being nominated to play-off one (1) frame each. Captains list the players in order of play and each player tosses for the right to break.
9.6 In the event of a tie in a grand final and both teams agree the tie may be broken as stipulated in rule 9.4 or the match can be replayed within Seven (7) days on a date agreeable to both Captains and the Association
9.7 The sequence of matches in the finals will depend on whether the top four (4) or five (5) teams compete. The Match Secretary will organize and announce venues and dates. Preference will be given to matches being played on successive weeks.
9.8 The Grand Final will be played one week after the finalists have been decided regardless of players availability or not for that week. (Subject to any special reason with the SDB&SA approval). The venue will be the club of the previous year's premiers. If the ruling premiers are contesting the Grand Final the Match Secretary will arrange a neutral venue.


10.1 Entries for these Competitions will be called for at the March District meeting. Entry forms are to clearly state if fees are applicable. Fees if applicable are to be paid in full to the Treasurer when entry forms are handed in. There are no Exceptions to this rule. Only financial and registered players who have paid or are exempt from paying will be included on the draw.
10.2 Entry into District Championships is restricted to players registered with the SDB&SA prior to the closing date for entries.
10.3 The March District meeting will decide which District Championships will be contested. The Match secretary will arrange and distribute draws immediately after entries have closed and the draws made.
10.4 When a Championship match is to be played at a chosen venue on one (1) or two (2) consecutive days the Match Secretary will provide details well in advance.
10.5 The previous years finalists will be seeded top and bottom of the draw sheet before the ballot is made
10.6 Dates and neutral venues for Semi finals and Finals will be notified by the Match Secretary. Host clubs shall provide facilities befitting the occasion.


11.1 Disputes arising from any District Championship Competition must be referred to the Disputes Committee. Rulings made by the Disputes Committee are final.


12.1 For team events trophies will be awarded to Minor Premiers, Premiers and Runners Up in the Grand Final for each Division. Each will be limited to six (6) trophies for teams of four (4) players. Additional trophies are available at cost to clubs requiring them. Clubs requiring additional trophies are responsible for advising the names of whom these trophies are required.
12.2 Individual trophies will be awarded for the highest break recorded during the competition proper, the most consistent and most improved player in each Division.
12.3 To be eligible for any trophy a player must have played a minimum of 1/3 of the season in the division for which the trophy is to be awarded. (Refer rule 9.1).
12.4 District Championship winners and Runners up will each receive an Individual trophy.
12.5 Winning teams and individuals are entitled to hold perpetual trophies for a period of one (1) year. Perpetual trophies must be returned to the Match Secretary on demand and definitely prior to the commencement of the Grand Final series.
12.6 Club person of the year is awarded at the discretion of the executive for exceptional contribution by an individual to their Club and district.
12.7 New trophies must be approved and accepted by a District meeting.


13.1 All team members must as a minimum comply with the Dress Regulations of the Host club. SDB&SA dress standards for all matches including Finals and Grand Finals.
Club shirt with collar, good pants or jeans, good shoes or joggers.
As long as the attire is clean, neat and tidy. Not allowed soiled or torn clothing, work clothes of any type.
13.2 Players not complying with the dress code will be prevented from playing in that match.
13.3 Team captains are to prevent intoxicated players from starting a match. A player whose level of sobriety diminishes into intoxication during the course of a match will be disqualified by the Referee. The disqualified player will forfeit the game to their opponent and automatically be suspended from playing for a minimum of 2 matches. (Refer 14.3). The Recorder must be notified of any such situation.
13.6 All team members are responsible for the prevention of un-gentlemanly behaviour. Foul or abusive language is totally unacceptable. Players who have been warned and subsequently reported to SDB&SA for unsatisfactory behaviour will face disciplinary action and almost certain suspension by the association.


14.1 Attendance at meetings: For non attendance of a Club at any district meeting without an apology being submitted prior to the start of the meeting an automatic fine of Fifty Dollars ($50:00) will be incurred. The penalty must be paid to the Treasurer prior to the next meeting. Non –payment will result in points being deducted equal to one full round for each team entered in the competition. The points deduction is in addition to the imposed fine.
14.2 Match Results: For failing to submit results as per Rule 7.15 the offending team will automatically receive a two (2) point deduction from their total point score. This will not apply if it is decided to replay the match.
14.3 Disqualification: A player that has been disqualified from a game by the Referee for whatever reason will be suspended for a minimum of two (2) matches (does not apply to dress code.) An appeal can be made to have the matter heard by the Disputes committee.
14.4 Playing Illegal Reserve or Substitute: The playing of a Reserve or Substitute in contradiction to any rule will result in the forfeiture of all points won by the offending player. All points won by the offending player will be awarded to the opposing team and the
offending team will receive a 2 points deduction from their Total Points Score..
14.5 Wrong Handicap: A player playing with an incorrect handicap will forfeit all points scored during the match plus a minus 2 point penalty. Only the points won will be awarded to the opposing player.
14.6 General: Further penalties may apply following discussion by a full District Meeting. Submissions by an Individual or Club must be made in writing to the Match Secretary or Secretary.


15.1 Handicaps for all Divisions are based on statistics collected from the previous years play. They are generally to be reviewed at the beginning of the season by the Handicap Committee. The only exceptions will be for new players or players who have not played in the previous year's competition, they could have their handicaps reviewed and adjusted after several frames. Handicap increments will be 5,10,15,20,25.
15.2 All Players handicaps will remain constant for the entire competition.(with the exception of rule (15.1) and rule (15.3) After this review the Any player who has had their handicap altered must be given a minimum notice of the change, of one week before their next match.
15.3 Handicaps are open to review at any time by the Handicap Committee or following a submission in writing by any player that feels they are adversely affected. The handicap Committee may also at its discretion adjust handicaps deemed inappropriate.
15.4 Any player affected by a Handicap shall so be affected for all District and Inter Club competitions in that Division unless directed so by the Association.
15.5 If nominating to play District Championships in a higher Division no concessions are given unless the competition is a handicap comp.
15.6 Players returning after an absence of more than 1 year are to be initially handicapped on the basis of previous figures if available. New players and players that do not have figures available will be given temporary handicaps based on consultations between the Handicap committee and the Club involved. The intention is not to give higher than suitable handicaps to new players.
15.7 New conditions regarding handicaps is listed below.

The following rules apply to all three grades/divisions:

Registered players from last years competition have achieved a percentage. This percentage will be the players handicap. When two players from the same grade/division play, their handicaps will be subtracted, and if the result is odd, this will be rounded up and the result halved.
This figure will be the points start that the lesser percentage player will have. For example:

Player A has a percentage of 63%, Player B has a percentage of 48%.
The respective points start is calculated as follows: 63-48 = 15. This then gets rounded up to 16, and halved. Therefore the points start
for Player B is 8.

For players playing in a grade/division lower than they normally would, ie A to B and B to C.

Then the following applies.
For dropping down then they automatically give their opponent a 15 start, and dependent upon their respective handicap, they may
also give additional points. For example:
Grade A player, handicap is 47%, Grade B Player, handicap is 55%. As Grade B player has a higher percentage, then the only start is the 15.

Grade A player, handicap is 57%. Grade B player, handicap is 48%. As the Grade B player has a lower percentage, then 57-48 = 9. Rounded up to 10, and halved, 5. This, plus the 15 means that Grade B player will have a 20 start.

For players playing in a grade/division higher than they normally would, ie B to A, and C to B.

Then the following applies.
For going up then they automatically have a 15 start, and dependent upon their respective handicap, they may also have additional points. For example:

Grade B player, handicap is 57%, Grade A Player, handicap is 49%. As Grade B player has a higher percentage, then they only have the 15 start.

Grade B player, handicap is 57%. Grade A player, handicap is 67%. As the Grade A player has a higher percentage, then 67 – 57 = 10. This is then halved, 5. This, plus the 15 means that Grade B player will have a total of 20 start.

Those new players who do not have a percentage will have their handicap set by their respective clubs, and this will be subject to review.

Those players who have gained a percentage in a lower grade/division but have elected to play in the next grade/division, ie from C to B and B to A, will start with a percentage of 50%. Again this will be subject to review.


( IB&SF Rule 14. )
As agreed by the SDBSA committee, the FOUL AND MISS rule will not apply for the 2021 season.